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ACTion Switch
ACTion SensorRS PSU7203726-01

ACTion Switch


WMRC ACTion Switch. Detect very small movements in two directions. Can be used as an eyeblink switch.  Manufactured to order. 28 day delivery.

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Product Description

The ACTion Switch is a small microprocessor based device with a detachable movement sensor on a lightweight wire. The small sensor is about the size of a Thumbnail. (One small sensor supplied)  These units are manufactured to order and may take up to 28 days to supply.

The ACTion Switch requires an external power supply, (supplied – and available separately)

The ACTion Switch produces two simple relay outputs which represent the X and Y movement axes of the sensor. The sensor measures accelerations. Both gravimetric and inertial. That means it senses changes in orientation with respect to gravity, and it is sensitive to rapid movements. For instance, you can attach it to a finger or and eyebrow and it will pick up movements of that body part.  You can change the sensitivity of the sensor with a little adjuster in the main unit. The relay outputs are electrically isolated from the incoming Low Voltage Supply although the fronts of the sockets are bonded to internal supply negative through a high impedance for ESD purposes.

The novel feature of this system is that it constantly compensates for slow changes in orientation. So if someone changes position over time, the sensor will still pick up their movement.

The sensors are also available separately and in two sizes.

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