Game Access by LEPMIS

About Us

Here at LEPMIS, we provide a variety of gaming products from a safe table extension for a wheelchair user, to a complex electronic interface. We want to allow people of all abilities to use the most advanced entertainment consoles, by using their own custom switches or our fully featured one-hand joystick.

When we were established in 2005, there were a little number of commercial devices that existed before LEPMIS began offering the services we now provide. Very few offered the responsiveness of the analogue joystick, and none were built to the demanding standard of robustness set out in the Medical Devices Directive.

LEPMIS offers disabled gamers a range of durable and well-designed products that allow access to all the gaming and entertainment options available through the Sony PlayStation 3.

Director of the company, Geoff Harbach, said: “One of the reasons I set up LEPMIS in the first place was because there was little or no support within the NHS for disabled people who wanted computer games console access. Some clients with severe disability were supported for access to games on a PC but the gaming was basic, non-interactive and outside of the mainstream online community of gamers.

We are passionate about finding solutions to get you gaming.”