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The Game Access by LEPMIS PlayStation3 Switch Access Pod (PS3-SAP) replaces the standard controller of the SONY™ Playstation3 (or other games consoles by adding a cross-converter device) to enable gamers of all physical ability to use accessible switches and joysticks to enjoy a huge choice of video games plus subscription film, music and social media.

See below for more details or download the Switch Access Pod – User Guide.

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Product Description

The LEPMIS PS3-Switch Access Pod is temporarily out of stock due to the unavailability of Donor Handsets. We are working on developing a replacement. We apologise for any delay this introduces to our being able to fulfil your order.

Your current accessible switches and analogue joysticks can be used with PS3-SAP to play video games – but you will need a joystick adaptor to match PS3-SAP analogue port specification. Game Access by LEPMIS or a suitably qualified technician can produce the adaptor, or Game Access by LEPMIS can provide a suitable joystick from our wide range of uniquely sensitive and responsive types.

Through the PS3-SAP, you can enjoy gaming in ways not possible with a standard controller.

The many switches that control a complex game can be shared by a group of friends or family members to make gaming sociable and fun for all players.

By using a cross-converter adaptor (contact Game Access by LEPMIS for details) PS3-SAP can work in tandem with a standard controller. This way an able bodied friend with the standard controller can assist with some of the game controls – so that both can contribute and enjoy a game together.

Game Access by LEPMIS have a wide range of accessories to help gamers of all abilities get maximum enjoyment through PS3-SAP. Awkward switch combinations can be achieved by pressing just one switch, and an auto repeat switch can eliminate repeated presses. This can allow the user to continuously fire automatically whilst concentrating on guiding the character around the screen.

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