Game Access by LEPMIS

For Professionals

TherapistGame Access by LEPMIS and the services it provides was born out of a demand for more products to help those who want to access game consoles for fun, to interact with others, and to alleviate boredom and frustration.

Alongside our tailor-made products, we are proud to offer an assessment service to assess individual needs and find solutions to get clients gaming.

Geoff Harbach, our Clinical Director, is a registered Clinical Technologist well known throughout the industry. As a leader in the field of integration and special controls for powered wheelchairs, he has over twenty years experience in assessing the technology access needs of those with a physical disability.

“Our company is registered with the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, as a manufacturer of Class 1 Medical Devices, and the products we make are designed to cope with the challenging environments that assistive technology solutions find themselves in when placed in hospitals and other domestic locations.

They also address the diverse and complex physical difficulties that you may face within day-to-day life, whether through traumatic injury or as a result of an illness or a degenerative neurological condition. Indeed, our main client base consists of those with Muscular Dystrophy.”

If you are unsure what it is you need, feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call so that we can talk through the problems you may be experiencing.

The most effective solution is for us to undertake an assessment on site, and we are very happy to do this by working with yourselves or other local therapists or family members as appropriate. We do charge for this service, but you then have an opportunity to try out the devices and determine which ones work best for you.

For more information on our assessment process feel free to contact us, we will discuss setting up an appointment or you can request a consultation following the link below.